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Fastwest 01-01-2017 10:51 AM

Nearly 11 years of being snubbed

AJuntura 01-01-2017 12:55 PM

Happy New Years AKpete

SoonerOX 01-01-2017 03:43 PM

You sir are a legend and are immortalized at the files to be snubbed forever. May the snub be forever in your favor.

mike88 01-03-2017 01:03 PM

pete, you are snubbed yet again

Jagick 01-03-2017 06:43 PM

Pete, is that a snub-nose revolver in your pocket or do you just have a very small penis?

wccarnes 01-03-2017 09:07 PM

May 2017 be filled with snubs for you, AKPete.

We're making snubbing great again.

Buckle106FR 01-04-2017 04:31 PM

You've been snubbed, Pete

TheAKGuru 01-04-2017 04:45 PM

rub a dub dub two men and a snub

TideAlum 01-04-2017 04:50 PM


TRENCH ART CO. 01-04-2017 04:54 PM

Happy New Year!
May all your scope mount questions be answered, and may all you dreams come true....

As long as you're dreaming of a snubbing.

jonjon 01-04-2017 06:59 PM

Have a snubalishis day!

sKott 01-05-2017 12:04 AM


hoovdizzle 01-05-2017 01:16 AM

man i've been missing out on this thread, was busy outside trimming the snubbery.

five.five-six 01-21-2017 12:38 PM

Bigly snub

MarkML 01-21-2017 01:03 PM

New member here, but I wanted to be sure to snub AKPete as soon as possible.

Jabes0623 01-21-2017 01:10 PM

Obama's UHaul couldn't carry all your snubs Pete.


phase1 01-21-2017 03:41 PM

Ouch 11 years of being snubbed , I hope akpete is ok

SoonerOX 01-21-2017 05:04 PM

We're making the snub great again, pete. Consider yourself snubbed.

Laufer 01-21-2017 07:19 PM

He probably bought an AR-15 After the '08 election, and before this last.

Rahatlakhoom 01-21-2017 09:17 PM

Just say no.

can you do that for me Stimpy? EEDiot!

JH64 01-21-2017 09:34 PM

Sorry Pete but i think I'm going to get picked on unless i snub you.

R_P_K_ 01-21-2017 11:07 PM

First post ever, thought I better snub this guy and get it out of the way.

Bubba H 01-21-2017 11:32 PM

Well, as far as scope mount brackets for Arsenal AKs are concerned....

Nevermind, snub.

TideAlum 01-25-2017 03:51 PM


Fire4Effect 01-25-2017 04:14 PM

New year. New snub!

jeb 01-25-2017 04:18 PM

Snub you too Pete

93maadiAKM 01-27-2017 09:21 PM

Hi, this is my first post and I only joined this forum to snub Pete.
- k thx bye

R1FAL 01-28-2017 10:13 AM

Snubbin' Pete for the first time in '17

sorryuquit 01-28-2017 11:42 AM

Do you ever think AKPete joined this forum again with another user name, and sometimes comes and snubs himself?

bounce19712 01-28-2017 11:43 AM

bring me a snubbery

Funkerman 01-28-2017 02:33 PM

A hearty Snub to you , Pete! Now where's that sauce they said was here..

RockyTop1911 01-28-2017 02:48 PM

Another Snub. This one is Big League Trump style.

slmjim 01-28-2017 03:35 PM

So let me get this straight; you want brackets to mount Scope to your rifle?

What, so you can have minty-fresh breath at the range???

Let's be clear. My response should in no way be construed as an answer to your question.

Just to be on the safe side...


Good Shootin'

akfan83 02-10-2017 04:07 PM

snub snub

Sigiloso 02-10-2017 04:50 PM

Haven't been here in a while, so ...snub

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