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Originally Posted by carlrodd View Post
The Bumpski adapter for the AMD accommodates Ace stocks. It is secured by the retention pin that secures the original folder, is half the price of the Krebs adapter, and probably a 1/3 the size. Here's a link:
No freaking shit!? That is awesome. I was going to buy a Krebs this week, but damn, it is bulky as hell, costs too much, looks like shit and adds too much to the LOP. I understand that they were making room for the Krebs top rail to attach, but that thing sits way too high and there are better options for adding optics. Thank you very much for sharing.

Lastly, does the Bumpski adapter work with the existing folding mechanism installed in the AMD's rear trunnion or is it made non-functional? It looks like it would be functional in terms of folding. If it works, why did you install an ACE folding mechanism? Could you have just added the stock and skipped the ACE folding mech?

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