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The RPG-7 wasn't really a project as much as it was a journey to obtain some items for it - rockets, tools, etc. Here's an old photo of a few loose rockets that were put in the photograph that was actually featuring the dropcase (forgive the rocket packs - I've got brown Russian ones that really make a display look more "Russian"):

It's just a 1963-dated Russian RPG-7:

But since this is an AK picture post, I thought I'd throw some more candy out - I can't get enough photos of rifles and other folks' projects.

Some RPK-74 and RPK shots:

(truly forgive the assed-up pistol grip and as-of-yet unworn wood furniture against the worn finish - it's still got some work to be done to smooth the overall look out)

Refinished Russian RPD:

And the mighty Russian PKM which sports a darker brown pistol grip that never made the photos as they're somewhat old:

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