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Originally Posted by mpoppel41 View Post
i didn't think they were allowed to even smell afirearm. i guess that was apart of their scholastic activities. nice piece of history you got. good photo's
Her mom was an amazing photographer. She shot a ton of family photos going back to people born in the 1860s. All the photos she shot were done with a Russian 35mm camera. It's really quite sophisticated. We have it here on our curio rack.

The kids in Cuba in the 1980s got weapons training from 12 or so. Once a month they would attend weapons classes where they would strip and clean their guns. My wife tells me she had an AK, but all the photos we have are of her with a PPSH. Strange. She says about once or twice a year they would go to a range and shoot, but no one was very good at it. The kids were given instructions for when the "Yanquis" invaded. They were to assemble at a rally point to defend Cuba against "the Empire". She says the girls had a running joke that when the Americans invaded the girls would all throw down their guns and marry them.

I guess the ideology only went so deep.
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