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I don't think its a question, the AK's impact on the world is extremely difficult to understate... its the most widely-produced firearm in history, after all!

But just because it has changed the world, doesn't mean it has transformed warfare. Small arms design has always been a small factor of warfare, unless you have something vastly superior to the enemy... Usually, the winning army is the one with superior logistics, industrial strength, manpower. Not the one with the better gun designs - we can see this in World War 2.

As a response to somebody's statement of Africa having "better gun rights" than we do, I would challenge that statement. I have spent significant time in the Middle East, I have friends who have visited and lived in nearly ever nation in the African continent. Gun rights are practically non-existent, if you own a firearm its because the government is corrupt, ineffective, and has little to no ability to enforce its own laws. Notice, most African and Middle Eastern governments are undemocratic and it makes no sense for them to support "gun rights," what are they getting out of that??
Life works differently over there... I much prefer America to any other country. We have our own issues but when it comes to gun rights, I struggle to think of anyone better than we.

Peace to all and mercy mild - Sincerely, Raymond
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