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Yeah, that's just silly. Funny thing is when the US milled receivers hit the scene back 2002-2003ish, people were complaining about things like uneven bolt carrier rails and the like.

People just complain. Its fun and kills time.

I'd take a gun actually assembled into a working rifle over in Bulgaria by Arsenal AD any day of the week.

I say that owning an SAS M7 Classic built here and a SAM7R built there.
In the past I've had many others; both US and BG made.

Agreed, the US guns tended to have a bit nicer, as in shinier, painted finishes.
The Bulgies have a more matt, utilitarian milspec finish, which i prefer personally.

Also remember: 2 SLR-101S import runs. From 2000-2001 and again 2011-2012 (apx).
Ones from the later run are very nearly identical to the SAM7Rs, because the SAM7R is just a renamed SLR-101S.

Early = fixed muzzle device or no threads, no bayo lug, thin stem bolt, and free floating firing pin.
Late = removable muzzle brake (often stuck on with paint though), bayo lug, fat stem bolt, and spring loaded firing pin.
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