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Seen some nice AMDs, but I haven't seen any that have the true barrel length...

Allow me to rectify that.

Got the itch for an AMD after firing a postie version. (That I was later hired to repair due to the original builder's ignorance of the art of headspace. Trust me, it was all legit, he put me on his FFL to fix his AKs if they break.)

Update: And that would be the one I fixed. Whomever built it for him forgot to headspace it and hacked the hell out of the trunion to the point the original barrel and front trunion were unsalvageable. It was so bad, after I test fired it, some cases showed mushrooming at the head, or the case shoulders were at the mouth.

The rifle runs flawlessly now. If you'd like to fire this particular rifle, come on down to the Buffalo Chip Machine Gun Shoot (yes, Marge, that Buffalo Chip) during the Sturgis Rally, the first full week in August.

Update II: In case anyone was wondering and getting their knickers in a potential twist, I built the rifle pictured first on a Form 1.

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