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Originally Posted by HK-91 View Post
I really don't need that encouragement thank you very much. If I didn't have that Red Boyds furniture on the DAKM I just bought from Atlantic I'd definately have a 3 rd WBP. Like you I'm going to just enjoy my Classic and CG1. But for those in the market it's definitely one not to pass up. What I might do is buy the Red furniture and swap it out on my CG1. That's definitely more doable and I don't have to buy another safe.
Another reason I'll pass on the red WBP is that I have scratched the Red Russian AK thing, so I have no need.
This was my first rifle from Atlantic and my first of my three VEPRs.
It also the rifle that really turned me down the path of being an AK addict.

That being said, the red WBP is a looker.
I'm an AK and 1911 Addict!
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