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One thing I noticed several years ago was the DDI owner's ego. It was friggin huge and he blew so much smoke up people's ass that I just really was turned off by that. Recall the declaration of WAR against PSA, CAI and IO?

But then when things got to "Why should we trust DDI?" Troy Sellars was the answer. Troy is gone and surprisingly that seems a mute point now.

That was followed by the Shotgun debacle. Claims that the shotty would be what a Saiga and VEPR wanted to be.

The thing about an all nitrided then painted rifle turned into "Exactly what is nitrided and what ain't?"

Then the little claims. Like the video where he states "We are seeing 1 MOA from these rifles". Well when asked about that claim he says it wasn't an accuracy guarantee. Really? Good. Because others were not seeing that level of accuracy.

Finally from my POV, most all posts about DDI include a story of how grand the CS is and how fast the turn around was on warranty claims. A LOT!

Overall, if the rifles are that good, you'd not be asking "What happened?"

That's what I saw...
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