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Originally Posted by morning would View Post
Lol. Yet another bullshit story that will get added to the above post outlining your stay at the files so far..."I could tell you, but I need to over hype it first and make you wait." This is the story of your existence here. Some of us saw thru it right away.
I've known David Fillers for about 12 years now. In business, and especially with regards to disputes, people can't talk about things because of contracts or pending litigation. I suspect one or both is the case here and only time will tell.

However, I suspect when David can tell the full story it will make for a very interesting read.

I know it's all good fun on the internet to insult and tear others down, but in this case I think you should probably wait until all is revealed. I know I'll be sharing the story when it comes out as I'm sure it's a doozy.
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