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Nice video on the CG1 by mishaco recently, he should be on Atlantic's payroll for consulting fees, just looking forward to the much anticipated range report. I have only gotten to put about 300 rounds through my CG1 and very pleased thus far, not much but take it for what its worth. My only "complaint" with this build is that the dust cover rattles freely (as also commented by Misha, wondering if this is common with parts kit builds?)....I have 9 AK variants including Veprs, Saiga, Arsenal sam7, CG1, Draco, M92 Pap, Wasr, etc for reference and this is the only one that does that, more of an annoyance than anything but also the only parts build of the lot. That being said, the remaining fit and finish of the rifle are otherwise superbly done by Atlantic and puts the finish on the arsenal and wasr to shame.

As for the purists who don't like the Russian red or sunburst stock set on the Polska....I get it. Just like saying Kate Upton is less attractive cause her tits are too big. To each their own. C'mon! Also, Atlantic did sell out of these in about 72 hrs so there you go and they did confirm the Russian red set on this model is built on a Morrissey receiver for those interested.

Also, have gotten consistent 2-3 MOA groups with most of these rifles from bench, not expecting sub MOA like from my Tikka TacA1 obviously but for the model, round, and battle rifle, 2-3 MOA is certainly achievable and more than adequate imho.

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