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Should be an easy fix. Prolly take me 10-15 minutes and zero power tools.
You'll have to break it down completely and work at the mag body from the bottom. It's near impossible to reform it from the top because of the feed lips. I have my own custom jig made of wood that will slide up the mag body all the way to the top.
By the looks of it though from your pics, that one might be fixable from the top. Hard to say, hard to tell. I have so many ways of fixing misfit mags.
If you don't want to mess with it, let me know. If you want to PM me and go through a process, let me know that as well.
Not going to give out too many trade secrets here on the open forum.

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Keep the spring, follower, floor plate and throw the tube away. Then spend 12 or so and replace the mag.
Hell! For $10.90 round trip USPS priority......................I could fix it for you.
Misfit magazine garage repair guroo

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. . . and if folks weren't lazy

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