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If you remove the base plate, follower & spring, you may be able to gently squeeze the follower ever-so-slightly narrower (with a vise). Only enough to free it up without deforming it. Or perhaps stick a flat tip screwdriver, or some duckbill pliers down the top of the body & pry it slightly wider where it sticks. Use some oil on the parts for lube.

Or, you may be able to free up the follower by gently squeezing the body fore & aft in a vise, but only where it sticks. Or gently tap it there with a mallet.

Sometimes, in surplus mags that have gotten wet, corrosion/rust forms between the layers of steel in that area. If you notice, there is a thin layer of steel laminated in the exact area of the top of the magazine body. The rust in between the layers, causing them to swell, hindering the follower. Nothing you can do, except as above, to slightly widen the body. But then the mag won't fit in the mag well so you'll have to file/grind the outside of the magazine (just under the feed lips) to make it fit.

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