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Originally Posted by hartmanart View Post
Trade secrets on fixing milsurp mags? Maybe you could send it out in code, so only us members that have a captain crunch super secret decoder ring can get in on this obvious gold mine of info.
Where should I send the ring? You can post your shipping address here or you could be discrete and PM me. It's up to you. I won't be held responsible for any excess fan mail you receive if you post it here.

As for reading some of the replies in this thread, it's kind of obvious what's wrong with America these days. Nobody wants to spend a little time fixing things. If it's broken or doesn't work right, just throw it away. This is why your government and rule of law is going to change dramatically. You'll have something NEW and just do away with the existing. There will be no dumpster diving to get anything back though. So just be prepared for that.
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Originally Posted by nalioth View Post
. . . and if folks weren't lazy

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