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Originally Posted by tommygun2000 View Post
Unless you had a pile of them to "fix", the time and effort just to make the tool and use it costs more than just tossing the mags and getting new ones.

Such a waste.
yeah "Such a Waste"

a cheap harbor freight cut off wheel cost about what ?
- a dollar
maybe a dollar's worth of scrap metal
a couple of zaps with mig
a dollar or two worth of electric power

& about 30 mins of my time...

& yeah,
- I had a pile of the dented mags from sgammo's dented mag sales
& about 20 or so that were Non functioning & now work fine (all except for one (01) the feed lips were broken loose at the rear corners..

but yeah-- probably Not worth the effort to those without the skill to use a few tools.
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