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Default Road adventures -MAK-90

On the road this week stopping along the journey to poke around in gun and pawn shops.
I hit one of several shops and noticed a MAK-90 sitting on the floor rack behind a pistol counter with a 5rd mag in it. I looked at it and the wood is beat up a little but the metal is in great shape. Tag had $649.99 on it. While I was waiting on the guy to wait on me I spied a couple of milsurp steel 30rd mags in a box a feet up.

He comes over and hands me the MAK. I look it over and asked him whats his best OTD price. He says what do you want to offer? I said $550. He said 'we are close'.
He said $570 and I will throw in a box of ammo. I said I'd rather have another steel mag than ammo. He said I dont know if I have any. I said youve got two right there. I said will you throw in both for $570? He said, "no, I'll throw in one. The other will cost you $5. So, $575 for the MAK, 1 5rd mag and 2 30rd mags -OTD.
On my way out, he said, wait a minute and went over and gave me box of ammo. He said "I told you that I'd give you this."
Can't beat that.

Pulled the stock off later and it's a square cut receiver to boot.
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