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Default Wich 10 round magazine for the range - Tapco Intrafuse or Magpul Moe?


for the moment i'm using 10 round Korean steel mag's for my saiga to shoot at the range. But after a couple times of use they loose their varnish and the metall comes out and get rough so they wont't slide in as smooth as before. It's really tricky to get them in so i want to change the mags. Now i'm looking for 10 round polymer mags - for range only. Wich one would you prefer and why:

Tapco Intrafuse or Magpul Moe (without steel inlays)? The price is about the same.

What do you think about the "FAB Defense Ultimag AK 10R" - 10 round magazine? Maybe this is an alternative...

Thank you and best regards!


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