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Just to add, 'muzzle brakes' were fine under the '89 ban too. The part that isn't ok is for them to be removable.
Then again, it only takes a small dab of weld to 'perminantly' attach the muzzle nut/brake; hiding the threads.
Just as how lacking a bullet guide means an AK is a 'low-cap sporter'. This one is particuarly funny with regards to the 5.45x39 caliber Saigas hehe.

I just found it was an interesting thought regarding 'featureless' and all that may or may not mean visa vee 922(r).
I used to know CA laws pretty good as we've shipped hundreds of rifles out that way over the years...used to until 2017. Now? hell if i know? The main problem seems to be dealers now. They are like you, forced to play it so safe, they simply can't afford to even have 1 toe over the line. Please understand, not judging you. Just saying there's a definite atmosphere of worry and even paranoia in CA (and don't blame you, its bad and getting worse out there). I could never live like that myself, so you have more balls than me.
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