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Originally Posted by mishaco View Post
Just to add, 'muzzle brakes' were fine under the '89 ban too. The part that isn't ok is for them to be removable.
Then again, it only takes a small dab of weld to 'perminantly' attach the muzzle nut/brake; hiding the threads.
Just as how lacking a bullet guide means an AK is a 'low-cap sporter'. This one is particuarly funny with regards to the 5.45x39 caliber Saigas hehe.

I just found it was an interesting thought regarding 'featureless' and all that may or may not mean visa vee 922(r).
I used to know CA laws pretty good as we've shipped hundreds of rifles out that way over the years...used to until 2017. Now? hell if i know? The main problem seems to be dealers now. They are like you, forced to play it so safe, they simply can't afford to even have 1 toe over the line. Please understand, not judging you. Just saying there's a definite atmosphere of worry and even paranoia in CA (and don't blame you, its bad and getting worse out there). I could never live like that myself, so you have more balls than me.

Yeah, it's rough out here, but I am planning my escape. Never made the decision to live here, was born into it.

I too don't blame dealers for staying away from California. Although, now that the 2017 assault weapons registration regulations are in place, the "fine line" is a little clearer. I am thankful for dealers like Atlantic that know our BS laws, and are willing to ship our way. I just made my first order through them yesterday, and it seems to be going well so far. As much as it stings, I don't really even blame Ca FFLs that are charging $100 for the transfer. Yeah, it sucks, but they're kind of putting their neck out there as well.

Anyhow, sorry to the OP for taking this off topic.
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