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Originally Posted by wormraper View Post
according to a written ATF letter last year that was posted on AKforum, changing out a piece on your rifle constitutes "assembling" a weapon and falls under 922r jurisdiction
Originally Posted by nalioth View Post
Yep, and a shoestring is a machine gun.
Originally Posted by nalioth View Post
. . . good thing it's for manufacturers then, itn't it?
Nalioth, you're about the only person in this thread with a lick of common sense on the matter. It is for manufacturers and importers. The whole entire purpose of the law is to force foreign manufacturers to give business to US companies before the rifle reaches the consumer. It has nothing to do with us.

And all the people who are crying that they might loose their firearm rights over a law that isn't enforceable on the end user and a law that has NEVER been applied to ANY of the over one hundred million of common gun owners over a span of decades, are just fear mongering and paranoid IMHO.

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