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I mean damn, Vendors like Atlantic and others don't even know which parts are US made on the rifles they're selling. The only people that would know are importers. The only people the FEDs could make a case against are manufacturers and importers. The importers get an imported non complaint rifle, and then have to add US parts. They would have to have invoices and a paper trail of these parts. They could and do switch out or change which parts are US made and which are not.

The US parts are put on the imported rifle, and money and jobs ate created via the purchasing of US parts from US companies. The spirit of the law has absolutely nothing to do with the end consumer, and when the end consumer purchases a rifle, the 922r law has already served it's purpose. Not only that, unlike importers who received a 100% non-compliant rifle, there's no way that consumers can be 100% sure which components on the rifle they purchased are US made and which are not. I wish people would STFU about this crap and stop the fear mongering already.
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