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Default Cheap sound forwarder?

Anybody played with these cheap sound forwarder/brake jobs before? I understand that it's a thinly veiled knockoff, but I figured for occasional use it might be fine, as I've had good luck (and so have many others) with steel cheap muzzle devices before. Doesn't look like theres much to these things anyway...


I've got some credit and was browsing around some stuff to try out before I blow money on even more surplus pouches I don't need lol
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They don't exist.

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Ram Rod
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Well, according to hillbilly Rick's review there, it works as designed.
"Cheap" would be more like the $15 range but if you like $24 better I say go for it. EBay. LOL

One of the best,,

Runs very well, it puts the noise in front of you and knocks the kick way down, Its a bit heaver, but well worth it........... It the best brake i have run,, noise goes down range,
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Probably works but looks like it weighs a ton.
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