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Default Barrel question for the gurus

Yesterday I decided to buy one of the the Polish KbK model N milled rifle kits from Apex. I did this because I want to build a milled AK47 using a 'real' receiver. In looking at the pictures on the Apex website, it looks like the barrels screw into the receiver and so far my research only shows the later press in barrels for milled receivers as being available through the usual commercial sources.

I tried calling Green Mountain, but they are closed until the 29th and all the other sources I have seen do not show screw in barrels. Besides the usual places like Gunbroker (none currently listed), does anyone know where early style milled AK47 screw in barrels can be sourced? Worst case scenario, I can silver solder a sleeve on a press in barrel and thread it, but that is going to be a lot of work and I would need one that doesn't have any of the holes drilled in it or the extractor cut done.

One issue I have right now is that I am still traveling and currently in Arkansas, so the kit and any any parts I get for it are going to be shipped to my home in Nevada. this means I won't have the ability to examine them when they show up.
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Have you tried ak builder? http://ak-builder.com/index.php?disp...oduct_id=30948
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ak builder or a old pulled hungy, bulgy,polish,ruskie barrel
If you can reweld that receiver you can fit a used barrel
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I just bought one of the same kits and have been looking at barrel options myself. Just like MIG said, It looks like the best option other than an original, is an ak builder barrel.
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