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Default Fng kinda

Aloha I was on here a few years ago and completely lost my username and stuff. As I just have been laid up from a moto accident and had surgery today felt like I should introduce myself again. As I have properly been lurking again with all my down time, it was nice to see alot of you guys are still active . A special shout out to the legend I enjoy every post from Mr Robski. Thanks all of you guys you have really helped as I have been laid up since the beginning of December '17 and have helped me really keep my mind occupied.

Anyway I've been a shooter since I was 6 and have enjoyed the sport of shooting for years . Had some minor riflery awards through school but no expert .I live in Hawaii and I am an avid hunter and motorcycles. If you live hawaii pm me if you need a bike I sell bikes and can get 90 percent of all brands . But not trying to sell here just make friends . I also felt like I went too far lurking and couldn't find my old info in my email as there's too much . But it's way past time so I signed up again . I definitely have the time now so I felt I should join up again and stop lurking. I also was at sks survivors but also lost my logins. I love comblock and real American guns too. I have some fun stuff I don't remember how to post pics but I'll check the stickies. Fun lil collection nothing fancy . I drool daily over the stuff you guys have . I'd definitely like to finally get a chance to find a good deal or trade for a bulgy triangle folder for my slr. I've had bad luck on deals and trade like 10 times almost or they sold out etc. But hi guys and gals. I hope I made a decent intro . Here's a list of my toys . I'll get a pic up soon just need a few days after this surgery and read the stickies again. Aloha!

Slr 107f with a scoutmount and eotech552
Yugo sks in handmade African mahogany bullpup stock need to mount an optic
Savage .22lr plinker
Moss 500 18.5 pistol grip
XD .45 tactical
S.A. 1911 g.i. loaded
S.W. .38 special pencil barrel 4"
Glock 17 gen3
Ruger lcp
Bowtec 65-70 lb carbon compound bow for the Bowmen out there too.

Happy to be back on the forums guys . And again thanks to all of you for helping me through the bike crash. It's been rough but I never got let down by the akfiles when I needed a break.

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Sup Bro(Aloha in Michigan) Glad your doing better, enjoy the show!
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Welcome...... back?

☆Texas Double Bluff

Originally Posted by slapshut View Post
autonomic nervous system:

The part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, digestive processes and ordering AK 47 magazines.
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Thanks for dropping by again. Hope you get well soon.

Nice group of firearms you have.

Duke of NY living in Hawaii...sound of my head being scratched.
Just another deplorable.
Enjoy the crumbs!
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Good to have you back in the fold. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.
"and then the dog got diarrhea and died......but it was ok, because it was the dog didn't know that it wasn't adopted."

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Welcome back.

Hope your recovery goes well!

Did you dump a bike? I am getting older and will soon be selling my HD XBones. Age and health catches up, and I'd rather spend the time shooting now anyway.

BTW....I hear , but don't know, that the GC laws are tough in Hawaii..are they?

Anyway, wishing you the best.
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The laws are tough in hi but once you get a safety course done then you just have to register each weapon and renew your licence to acquire and wait 14 days . .... freedom right lol.

I didn't dump the bike I got cut off and I ended up on the barrier for the freeway then got off the wall and rode to a stop. 6 shattered bones in my foot and lots of rash on my arm and about 3/4 of and inch deep gash in my leg. But that is 80 percent healed. Just had surgery yesterday got 2 pins sticking out of my toes now. But I'll be back riding in 2 months or so once I'm healed up . I'm sad my vrod is totalled but I'll get the new fat bob to make it up. Guy didn't even stop after putting me into the wall . But other people did and a club was riding 5 minutes behind me and blocked the freeway to keep me safe so there's lots of good people out here.
Thanks for the support guys . The names from escape from new York a friend gave me the nickname 20 years ago as I love that movie.

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