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Default I went from Sam7 to WASR 10. Need grip help

A few months back I was the victim of a break in. They went straight to my locked gun cabinet, opened it and stole my Arsenal, Colt .45 and a few other items. They left my Weatherby rifle and Beretta o/u and a few other more expensive guns(idiots). Long story short, they got caught(both illegal aliens). I got my Colt .45 back unharmed thank God(sentimental value) and our passports/birth certificates. Arsenal is gone. I had a great adjuster and she hooked me up with more than fair compensation. After repairs to my home, buying a real safe and new snowboards for my daughter and I, I only had enough for a qc inspected WASR from a place called Atlantic firearms online. I will receive it next week.

After watching a few AKOU videos I went online and bought a Polish new wood stock set, Polish orange grip and extra long grip screw and nut. As far as I could tell the WASR isnít that bad but the new wood sucks. Plus I wanted to be able to put a cleaning kit in the buttstock.

Is there anything else I need to buy to install the grip?
Is it an easy task?
Will the ďakmĒ stocks fit right into place?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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You shouldn't need the long screw and nut. The one that comes with the wasr will work for the surplus grip.

The grip just unscrews and you screw the new one on. With the buttstock, you take the two screws out on the top and pull the buttstock out. Some are wedged in pretty good and require a lot of force to pull out.

The upper handguard wood twists sideways until the wood is under the gas tube and pulls out.

The lower handguard has a metal piece on front that unlocks and pulls forward. The lower handguard slides out then.

With any surplus set you will want a wood file and a few grits of sandpaper from rough to fine because it may need fitting before it will slide into place

There are many videos on this and they come in handy to watch as you are doing it
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Should work OK. Beware of 922r is the only thing I will say.
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The new wood stock set will require a bit of fitting with a wood file - they come oversized to fit a wide variety of guns - you can probably eyeball it with the handguard, but just be careful not to remove too much material from the buttstock. With the handguard, you'll know immediately if it's sized properly because it won't go into place, but the buttstock should be tight enough that it wouldn't be strange to need a rubber mallet to get it into the receiver - just have a backup plan to get it out if it's still too wide and gets stuck. I am not an expert, just reporting on some of my own efforts working with that wood. The grip will drop right in.

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^ Good advice.

Don't freak out if the wood doesn't fit. Just sand it lightly and keep trying it until it fits.
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Also, you'll need to create holes for the screws on top of the buttstock.
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Originally Posted by mishaco View Post
Also, you'll need to create holes for the screws on top of the buttstock.
What size bit?
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