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Default Vepr FM Ak 47 - Longer Handguard Options

Hey all!

I have a VEPR FM AK 47. I know there have been discussions of handguard options for this rifle in the past. Namely, the one by TDI arms and Robski (which seems to be out of stock).

I am trying to find a full length style handguard that may work. Something that looks similar to the full length SLR rifle works lower handguards or the Krebs Custom type rail.

Has anyone had any luck with finding something in this style that is good to go on the FM AK style platform?

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Krebs does make and long keymod hand guard for a Vepr, but not specifically for the FM. I believe you will need to cut off the lower hand guard retainer. Personally, I wouldn't cut anything off of an FM-47, I'd just find a Vepr sporter, and convert that, given that it doesn't have the retainer in the first place. Krebs also makes the short version that doesn't require cutting. Zenitco makes a nice short lower guard that looks nice with a Khyber cheese grater, but its probably the most expensive option out there. I believe the part # is the B-20.
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Try http://slrrifleworks.com, they do sell excellent hanguards for Vepr and that is what I got for my Vepr sportster 7.62x39. They do offer different lenght as well. For FM you might need to cut retainer.
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